Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about the formulas?

Fluffy liquid soaps are specially formulated to have a balanced formula that washes even the dirtiest of hands while leaving skin hydrated and supple. Fluffy soaps contain special skin conditioning additives such as glycerin, aloe vera extract, making them pleasant on the hands and suitable for all skin types.

How is the foam soap formed?

Through the dispenser/pump at the top of the 500 ml bottle that injects air into the liquid soap.

Can the 500 ml pump bottle be reused?

Yes, you can use it repeatedly, it is even recommended. Once you run out of the liquid in the original 500 ml pack, you can buy a 1 l or 5 l refill.

Can Fluffy be used in a professional foam soap dispenser/dispenser?

Absolutely! Our foam soap can be used in any foam soap dispensers/dispensers. In fact, the 5L pack is designed specifically for use by professional HoReCa customers.

Does the tightness of the bottle have an effect?

Yes. With some bottles, once the soap is more than half used up, the pressure inside the bottle can cause a slight dent. To fix the problem, simply unscrew the dispenser/pump, release the pressure, and then screw the dispenser/pump back on. You may also need to squeeze the bottle itself from the side.

Does Fluffy contain gluten?

No, our foaming soap is not made from ingredients containing gluten.

Should foaming soap be diluted with water?

No, our foaming soap does not need to be diluted. All you have to do is pour it directly into the foaming soap dispenser and you’re done! Diluting it will impair its preservation, and pathogenic microorganisms are more likely to develop in it.

Where is Fluffy produced?

Fluffy is manufactured in Bulgaria by MAXXI PRO BULGARIA Ltd. We are a manufacturer of professional and household cleaners, disinfectants and cosmetic products. You can see our other products here (MAXY PRO logo with hyperlink) and here (Blescado logo with hyperlink).