Fluffy foam soaps have a delicate formula that hydrates and softens the skin, giving you the feeling of gentle touch and freshness throughout the day. Our foam soaps are extremely economical and help to save water. Be sure to try them and feel the difference on your skin.

Fluffy - Foam Soap


What does greater surface build-up mean?
By higher build-up, we mean that Fluffy liquid foam soap has a higher amount of foam for the same amount of soap. The foam forms much more microscopic bubbles that create a larger surface area to clean the skin. This means that one dose of Fluffy liquid foam soap produces more foam than regular liquid soap, making cleaning more effective and long-lasting.
Fluffy - Foam Soap


500 ml of Fluffy ensures you over 750 washes, meaning that you only need 0.5 ml – 0.7 ml of the product, turned into a fluffy foam. A wash with conventional liquid soap requires 1.5 ml – 3 ml.

Fluffy - Foam Soap


The efficiency of Fluffy is becoming more and more popular among households as well as among institutional and industrial customers, which is why we have also created HoReCa packaging, convenient for use by hotels, restaurants, kindergartens and nurseries, schools, office and business buildings, hospitals, and retirement or foster homes. For your convenience, you can now order the Fluffy product range in:

  • 500 ml bottle with dosing pump
  • 1 liter bottle
  • 5 liter tube


We know how important it is to have beautiful and healthy skin. We have encountered soaps that dry out the skin or cause allergies, so we are proud to present our foaming soaps. Created with a special formula that is delicate and hydrating, our soaps will help you achieve silky softness that will make you feel wonderful. Over 99% of the ingredients are from natural sources, and the high content of glycerin and aloe vera extract will take care of your skin.

Fluffy - Foam Soap
Fluffy - Foam Soap
Fluffy - Foam Soap


Fluffy’s formula includes ingredients that soften, moisturize, nourish and promote skin renewal and regeneration. The soap does not cause allergies.
Fluffy - Foam Soap
Fluffy - Foam Soap


Six different types with a strong and long-lasting aroma. Fluffy stays on the skin for hours, making it soft and supple, so there’s no need to use hand cream.
Fluffy - Foam Soap
Fluffy - Foam Soap


New formula with biodegradable components, gentle and non-irritating to the skin. Fluffy washes away and completely eliminates dirt, even when using cold water.
Fluffy - Foam Soap


Fluffy Protect is a liquid foam disinfectant soap for hygienic hand washing that is bactericidal, yeasticidal and limited virucidal (against enveloped viruses*) action. Fluffy Protect has a fresh scent and it hydrates and softens the skin.

Сапун на пяна – Fluffy

* Examples of enveloped viruses

Coronavirus, Influenza H1N1, HIV, HBV, HCV, Vaccinia, BVDV, Herpesviruses, Hepadnaviruses, Asfarviridae.
Fluffy - Foam Soap


Fluffy liquid foam soap is the perfect addition to any home. It is designed to provide gentle and effective care for your skin, cleaning it deeply and effectively. Its special formula contains more foam for the same amount of soap, which means it is more effective and more economical than conventional liquid soaps.

Fluffy liquid foam soap is perfect for any home, whether in the bathroom, kitchen or living room. With its gentler formula, it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. In addition, liquid foam soap is also convenient to use and suitable for the whole family.

Fluffy - Foam Soap
Fluffy - Foam Soap


Fluffy liquid foam soaps are ideal for use in your daily life. Designed for hand cleaning, they are suitable for use at home, in the office, in schools and kindergartens, in hospitals and medical centers, in hotels and restaurants, in public buildings and in other places where effective hygiene is required.

In addition, this type of soap is perfect for use in the bathroom, kitchen or other places where hand cleaning is often required. It is convenient to use as it provides a greater amount of foam for the same amount of soap, making cleaning more efficient, more pleasant and faster.

When using Fluffy liquid foam soaps, special foam dispensers in public buildings, offices and other places are refilled up to 3 times less often (over 1500 doses out of 1 L), while ensuring effective hand hygiene for students and staff. Also, it saves you the unpleasant experience of leaks from the conventional liquid soap dispensers.

This significantly reduces the maintenance and service costs of sanitary facilities in schools, providing a more economical and practical alternative to conventional liquid soaps


Fluffy cleans and softens the skin of the hands, moisturizes it, and restores its elasticity. It leaves the feeling of freshness, softness and gentle touch. The Fluffy range is available in the following options:

  • Night Breeze
  • Black Orchid,

  • Coral
  • Chestnut & Banana

  • Aloe Vera
  • Coconut & Cocoa

Fluffy - Foam Soap


Fluffy - Foam Soap


concentrated liquid soap – less quantity, more washes.
Fluffy - Foam Soap


great quality at an affordable price.
Fluffy - Foam Soap


a combination of effective washing, moisturizing and softening of the skin.
Fluffy - Foam Soap


Due to Fluffy’s high concentration and the small dosages for use, the production and use of Fluffy save energy, water, and plastic.
Fluffy - Foam Soap


Fluffy is a brand of MAXI PRO BULGARIA OOD – a Bulgarian manufacturer of detergents and disinfectants for professional and household use.
Fluffy - Foam Soap


Fluffy is a brand of MAXXI PRO BULGARIA LTD – a Bulgarian manufacturer of detergents and disinfectants for professional and household use.
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Fluffy - Foam Soap


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